domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014

Y Sergio Ramos ha vuelto a salir al campo con el capote - campaña #UEFA

Copio aquí abajo la iniciativa. Vamos a mandar mails y a difundir, por favor.

"Y Sergio Ramos ha vuelto a salir al campo con el capote. Reiniciamos pues campaña UEFA. Para que no se vuelva a obligar a millones de espectadores a ver el ensalzamiento de la tortura animal en el campo de juego.

Escribe a Platini a, con copia a;, para que podamos contabilizar la participación y firma con tu nombre y país. Aquí tenéis la carta tipo:

Dear Mr. Michel Platini, president of UEFA, dear UEFA Executive Committee,
With this letter I would like to complain about an event that took place during the celebrations of the final of the CHAMPIONS ON THE 25th of May 2014. An event which also took place at the EURO 2012 on the 1st of July 2012, and for which you have already received thousands of complaints. As a form of celebration for his team victory, Mr. Ramos, a player of the winning Spanish team, took a "capote" (a red a yellow cape that is used in bullfighting), and waved it as the bullfighters do during a bullfight, pretending be fighting an "invisible" bull. With this action, Mr. Ramos used the media attention to express his personal support for something as barbaric as the torturing of an animal during a public spectacle, activity that is rejected by the majority of Spaniards and it is even already illegal in several Spanish regions, such as Catalonia and the Canary Islands. You must be aware that the current bullfighting debate about whether to ban it or not in all bullfighting countries is very active and public right now, and UEFA should not have allowed one player to use the event of the final to support one side of this political controversy (and the fact that the "capote" was allowed into the field puts the responsibility also on you, not only on Mr. Ramos). In addition of using a UEFA event to make a political point, Mr. Ramos was also advertising a profit making activity (bullfighting in Spain is a profit making industry in crisis that is constantly seeking publicity), which undoubtedly should be against your organization rules. If that was done under UEFA's permission I would like to complain about it, and it Mr. Ramos did it at his own accord or with the authorization of his team manager, I would like to ask you to investigate the incident and to take disciplinary action against them.

I believe that, due to the fact that we are talking about an activity that is banned in the majority of European countries, bullfighting should not be given any space by any medium, and certainly not by a European football body broadcasted to the world. This somehow shows that UEFA is condoning such activity. Besides, you must know that most Spaniards and Europeans oppose bullfighting, so they do not like that their team is given an image all over the world associated with this activity, nor to see that their children who follow their football idols are exposed to this association.

For these reasons I would like to request UEFA to investigate the incident, to publicly distance itself from Mr. Ramos' action, to take disciplinary action against him and those that allowed him to undertaken it, and to prohibit during a European football match any further use by any player of any prop (or any action or gesture) that can be perceived to support bullfighting.

Yours sincerely,


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